Soul Care is a place where the

of your heart and the



of your heart and the
of God's heart





Do you find yourself wanting more?

Here's the good news.

We want to provide you with...

More hope. More joy. More grace. More contentment. More love. More peace. More freedom. More LIFE.

There is Someone who has all the things your heart is hungering after in abundance.

...a confidential, non-judgmental place to work through obstacles that have hindered your ability to relate with God

And He wants to meet you, to know you, and to fill you with everything you are missing.

...a Biblical view of who God is & who you are in His eyes

You are not alone.

...a witness to your journey with God; someone who will walk  with you in truth & love


Sandy at Soul Care of Maine offers compassionate, caring, and practical care from a Bible-based world view. Sessions are adorned with grace and truth, and are goal-oriented and comfortable. Sandy's confident, professional and wise manner lead to an ability to speak freely and be truly heard. Healing can happen in  just such an environment.

Soul Care. This name lives up to all it implies for two important reasons, Jesus & Sandy Flewelling. I am a long time follower of Jesus and I found myself in a very dark and difficult place. My heart was broken, my hopes were shattered, and my dreams were crushed. For someone who has been serving Christ and others a long time, I felt like I had nowhere to turn, no one to talk to, and the enemy was unrelenting. It was a divine appointment for our paths to cross, arranged like only God can do and after a brief conversation with Sandy,

Sandy is an earnest listener and a thoughtful, thought-provoking adviser. Her wisdom comes straight from the greatest source: God's word, plus years of education and life experiences. There's no one I trust more for astute insight and confidential counsel.


Former coordinator of Women's Ministry, Church of the Open Door, Hampden

LAURIE FOWLER Discover Church, Hampden

I had an appointment to sit in this lovely lady's office.  As I poured out my broken pieces and shattered dreams before her, Sandy responded in the best way possible. She helped me bring the broken pieces to Jesus. Sandy clearly spoke truth, life and love to all the hard, hurting places and helped me back into the arms of my Jesus.  It wasn't an overnight fix and I did weather the storm. At times I thought my hurt would destroy me, but it only served to make me stronger. I have Sandy to thank for coming along side me and caring for my soul like Jesus does.



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