where the Spirit of the Lord is,

there is FREEDOM


If you had told me when I was young that one day I would stand in front of large groups and speak without trembling AND love it, I would have laughed. It's amazing, however, how a message that is powerful and life-changing and unbelievably beautiful has the capacity to bring out boldness in the most timid of hearts. And the message of the Gospel is just that.

Powerful. Life-changing. Beautiful.

Because the God who wants to save us is all these things and MORE.

I am honored that God has allowed me to share His message of unending love, unfathomable grace and abundant life. And I would be equally honored to share it with your group.

If you choose from retreats that have already been developed, you'll receive more than just a speaker, but also a well-designed event including a time-tested schedule, supplementary activity ideas, publicity materials and participant manuals. If you have a topic already in mind that does not match existing materials, I am happy to consult with you about creating a custom event for your group.

4-Session Retreats

3-Session Retreats

4-session events include

3-session events include

(4) 45-minute teaching times.

(3) 45-minute teaching times.



Coming To Life


An Invitation to Leave our Tombs

The Kindness of God's Housekeeping


The Heart of All Things

Filled Full=Fulfilled

Receiving the Abundance of Christ

Fearless Trust

A Journey Toward Heroic Living

Coming to Life
Jesus: The Heart of All Things
Fearless Trust
Coming to Life

An Invitation to Leave our Tombs Jesus made an audacious statement in John 10:10 when he said "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." This 4-session retreat invites participants to enter into the full life that Christ has offered us and to leave the tombs that hold us back from His abundance.


I have heard Sandy speak at several women's events, and I am always amazed at the power behind her messages. She has a wonderful way of showing both God's love and God's truth to her audience. Her words are always only God-driven, full of love, and completely honest. Sandy not only speaks God's love and truth to her audiences, but she lives God's love and truth. She is a powerful and positive example to everyone who hears her speak, because she speaks from the heart and through her own experiences. Sandy uses God's direction and His Word to connect with the people she speaks to, and her messages really hit home. I have never walked away from one of her messages unchanged. I highly reccommend Sandy as a speaker at any event.

Sandy's prayer-filled and thoughtful preparation was evident in every session of our retreat. Her insights were presented with humility, vulnerability and humor. The content of each section was focused on the Word; it flowed logically and consistently, resulting in encouragement and empowerment. Her presence at the retreat was a blessing and I am thankful that she's a person who is obedient to the call of God. Neither distant nor unapproachable, Sandy is open-hearted, loving and a true sister in Christ.

I've never come away unmoved after hearing Sandy speak, and I have made it a point to hear her at every possible opportunity. The first time I heard her teach (at a retreat), my world was shaken right off its dusty old foundations, and it was through Sandy, her deep love for God, and her heart for us, her sisters. Sandy listens to God, and then she pours her heart, soul, and considerable variety of talents into every teaching. And besides her talents, credentials, and power in the spirit, this woman is simply delicious and irresistible. If you have the chance to be with her, you do not want to miss it!




I have had the opportunity to hear Sandy speak many times, to a variety of different sized audiences. Sandy is a passionate and compassionate speaker with the ability to share Biblical truths in an understandable and relatable way. She provides a depth of knowledge of the Bible, along with personal insights and real-life examples. Her speaking in a retreat setting is excellent for both the established believer as well as someone who is not yet a believer. She is sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading in her preparation and delivery. Sandy truly loves the women she speaks to, and this comes through in her approach and her attitude. Whether in a small-group setting, or a large retreat, Sandy is an excellent speaker able to bring solid Biblical teaching and real-life application together.